Why CBT?

Computer Based Training
Why Computer Based Training?

A very good question. After all haven’t we all been to school (well most of us anyway)? Isn’t the classroom the right place to learn? Well sure, it’s a great place to learn history, geography, science, maths and all that great solid foundation stuff. But IT and computing? This requires a quite different approach. You can’t learn to swim in a classroom, you have to get wet. It’s an interactive learning experience. And in a similar way the best route to IT and computer expertise is by the interactive and multi media approach afforded by computer based training.

Consider these Benefits:

  • Learning speed is typically 60% faster using multi media computer based training than that achieved in the classroom.
  • Students learn at their own pace whenever they want, without the need to attend classes.
  • Content retention with CBT can increase significantly, (between 25-60%).
  • Critical messages are consistent from learner to learner and not dependent on retaining the same tutors, or varying levels of teaching ability, or indeed something as intangible as a change of mood!
  • Expensive overheads can be avoided (such as travel, overnight stays, classrooms, salary costs).
  • Reference or “top up” training is always available.