When we say “Secure” we mean Secure!

Understandably, in view of the recent publicity about breaches of security on certain high profile websites, some people are worried about sending personal information (particularly credit card details) on line.

In order to guage the risks one should assess what breaches have occurred. It would seem that the vast majority result not from some devious hacker worming his way into a system, but from a stupid error on behalf of the web site owner allowing visitors to access what should be secure areas. At PageForward this cannot happen as our site is hosted by an ISP and no customer details are kept on this server. When details are sent to us via our Information Request Form they are relayed via e-mail from the host server to us. Similarly when an order is placed using our Secure Order Form, the details are held breifly on a secure server (using 128 bit SSL, the strongest commercially available level of encryption) until they have been retrieved by us using a code and password. The details are then immediately deleted from the secure server. It is therefore physically impossible for any customer details to be accessed from these two servers. Customer details are then held on our isolated system. Access from outside PageForward is also physically impossible.